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By 2036 Havant Town Centre and Hayling seafront will have been transformed…

In October 2018, Havant Borough Council unveiled a regeneration strategy for Havant. A bold document, it highlights the council's commitment to:

• Directly intervene in the successful regeneration of the borough
• Undertake large-scale regeneration projects
• Release council assets for development and the long-term benefit of the borough
• Incentivise investors and developers, supporting them in successfully delivering transformational projects
• Improve the social and cultural facilities of the borough

Eight major projects have been identified across the borough which include new employment space and new homes to revitalised public amenities.

The eight projects are:

Havant Town Centre

Hayling seafront

Waterlooville town centre

Leigh Park

Dunsbury Park

Brockhampton West

Langstone Technology Park


These opportunities will unlock Havant's potential and add to the significant benefits of living or investing in the borough.

This website highlights the opportunities that exist for regeneration, and the benefits that they will provide to investors, businesses and residents. The video above provides an aspirational view of how Havant town centre and Hayling seafront could potentially look in 2036, reflecting some of the opportunities that may be achieved.

Unlocking Havant's potential

Regeneration Strategy for Havant Borough 2018-2036

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