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New jobs

The borough of Havant is proud to be home to a wide range of international, national and local businesses which make good use of the established workforce in the borough. With specialisms in advanced manufacturing, engineering and scientific output, the borough is of international standing in the output of its work.

Nevertheless, to keep the borough’s economy thriving, regeneration work will proactively drive and support sustainable employment growth. It will address the following areas of improvement through partnership with local businesses and investors:

• Develop 82,780 square metres of floorspace to meet business requirements

• Create 14,120 jobs to equal the average job density within the South East region

• Boost employment within higher value roles – managerial, technical and professional occupations to increase local spending power

• Improve educational opportunities so that the skill base of residents is improved to take advantage of higher value roles created within the borough.

Additionally, regeneration will address a recognised need to maintain a sufficient and flexible supply of employment land within the borough’s established employment areas. This will help the borough’s long established manufacturing base, while delivering modern business and industrial accommodation fit for the 21st Century.