House building in the borough
New housing in the borough
New housing in the borough

New homes

Regeneration of the borough is all about enhancing communities. Homes are a vital part of the borough's successful regeneration.

Havant Borough Council is currently finalising a Local Plan – a framework that will inform and guide the development of housing (as well as commerce, infrastructure and community facilities) while protecting its built and natural heritage.

The Local Plan proposes to build 9,260 new homes in the borough by 2036, including a potential 2,100 homes at a strategic housing development known as Southleigh. These houses will meet a wide range of needs, such as:

• Housing for the elderly - the borough is projected to have 49% of its population aged 60 or over by 2036.

• Premium build-to-rent accommodation with communal facilities such as lounges and gyms, primarily aimed at a younger market

• Housing integrated into other retail and professional service offerings, seamlessly providing content for multiple community requirements

By developing housing that meets identified need, the borough will be invigorated with housing that meets people's needs.

Allocated sites throughout the borough can readily be accessed via the Havant Borough Council website.