A vibrant social scene
A vision for the Inn on the Beach area, Hayling Island
Queen Victoria Mould
Windsurfing was invented on Hayling Island

New amenities

The regeneration of the borough will enrich residents' lives in numerous ways - there will be new homes and secure new jobs, as well as new facilities to enjoy in a beautiful landscape.

What is on offer will differ according to the location and what is required. The regeneration of Hayling seafront (for example) will bring new facilities for watersports and enjoying our world-class coastline, while both Waterlooville and Havant town centres will become more relevant for socialising, with town accommodation which meets the needs of all. Havant park will be turned into a more integral part of the town centre, and will provide a welcoming entrance for those arriving in Havant by train.

Millions of pounds of central government funding has been successfully captured to fundamentally improve public transport connectivity in the borough, providing easy access to bus, cycle and pedestrian routes. Further funding routes - such as the Transforming Cities Fund - are being explored to transform our public transport networks and to augment, enhance and promote our rich heritage offer.

Additional investment (via the Community Infrastructure Levy) by Havant Borough Council will ensure that all developments in the borough contribute towards improved amenities across the board. Whether at a large scale - or something altogether smaller - constant and ongoing investment will be made in improving the borough for its residents to enjoy.

Department for Transport - Transforming Cities Fund

Community Infrastructure Levy - Havant Borough Council