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Leigh Park

With Staunton Country Park to the north, and Havant town centre to the south, Leigh Park was built to house those made homeless in Portsmouth by bombing during World War II. The town centre has a variety of local shops and recent investment from Lidl and Sports England in a multi-million-pound sports facility. A strong and distinctive local community, the town centre is also enhanced by an educationally-accredited arts and craft centre, a community centre and a thriving social club.

As shopping habits change – and parts of the original Leigh Park development become ripe for replacement - opportunity exists for high density residential development, whilst rationalising the multiple uses of the town centre.

Successful regeneration will redefine the very centre of Leigh Park. New community and leisure facilities will be developed to replace existing infrastructure, and re-situated to create a community quarter that ties in with the excellent Front Lawn sports centre. The Greywell Shopping Centre will benefit from new homes built in the surrounding area, providing the Leigh Park community with a practical town centre supported by excellent amenities.