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Public Service Plaza, Havant

Havant town centre

An inspiring transformation of Havant’s historical core is underway. Plans to reclaim its heart with a change in its residential and retail offer, adapting to the way we shop online and work from home, have been applauded. The vision utilises the town's heritage through better placemaking, embedding links to arts and culture with new housing, entertainment and an innovative shopping experience.

The vision for Havant town centre's regeneration is in four distinct phases:

Phase one - Civic Plaza Car Park
The council is releasing land in its ownership to kickstart the regeneration of Havant town centre. The car park opposite the Public Service Plaza on Civic Centre Road will be redeveloped to provide a minimum of 120 high quality homes using modern methods of construction. They will offer an ideal blend of town living and easy access to first class transport networks, with London Waterloo just 80 minutes away.

The level of parking currently offered by the site will be maintained by the development of a multi-storey car park on the single level car park facing Petersfield Road. Phase one is supported by a £3.4 million funding deal provided to Havant Borough Council by Homes England. The funding has been awarded through the Government’s £450 million Local Authority Accelerated Construction Programme. Havant Borough Council is currently in the process of securing a Development Partner for the project.

Phase 1 summary

Phase two - Market Parade
Significant redevelopment of the area surrounding Havant railway station will create a dazzling new gateway to Havant town centre. A replacement footbridge will connect the Civic Centre campus to an enhanced railway station plaza, and make best use of the excellent facility that the adjacent Havant Park offers.

Market Parade will be re-orientated to not only provide an impressive gateway to the historic town centre, but also provide quality shops and housing that benefit from being near Havant Park.

Phase 2 summary

Phase Three - Public Service Plaza
Developing in the area surrounding phase one of the project, additional redevelopment of the site will provide further homes and enhanced public space for residents, linking the site more meaningfully to the town centre to the south.
Public services currently operating from several different buildings will be rationalised to make best use of this prime development space.

Phase 3 summary

Phase Four - West Street and the Meridian
The final phase of Havant town centre's regeneration will see the Meridian shopping centre and surrounding area along West Street redeveloped to provide a mix of relevant retail units and apartment living that not only makes excellent use of the rail and bus network, but also makes Havant Park a natural part of the town centre experience. Public space will be enhanced along the town's traditional high street, improving the culture and amenity of the town centre. St Faith's square will be fully pedestrianised to make best use of this architecturally-rich and culturally-important area. Any development will recognise the existing heritage and vernacular architecture of the town centre, whilst augmenting and enhancing the town's excellent retail offer.

Phase 4 summary