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Frequently asked questions for residents

Why is this regeneration work happening?
Regeneration is undertaken to ensure the successful long-term survival of our towns, coastal centres and communities. Havant Borough Council is committed to driving investment in the borough. It has identified eight key areas across the borough for investment, which will bring a range of improvements for residents and businesses.

When will this take place?
The regeneration of the borough is a long-term project, and is expected to take until 2036 to fully implement. Some projects will start - and finish - earlier than others. Have a look at the projects listed in the Investors section - new details will be added to these pages over time as work progresses.

Is regeneration just a title for house building?
Regeneration is much more than house building - although there is an element of it in the borough's regeneration strategy. Regeneration is about investing in new jobs, new facilities and supporting local communities. It will enhance the borough in many different ways, and improve Havant as a place to live, work and enjoy.

Some projects are taking place where I live - is my house at risk?
Please be aware no work will take place on a regeneration project without engagement with the local community. How this engagement will take place will depend on the project.

Is the council really going to invest in such a project?
Definitely - the council has shown its commitment already by purchasing the Meridian Shopping Centre in December 2019 as part of the regeneration of Havant town centre. The council realises an interventionist approach is needed to kick-start the wholesale regeneration of the borough, and is investing accordingly.

You have a video showing how the borough will change - is this all decided?
The vision video presents a What if...? approach. It highlights how some of the regeneration might develop by 2036, but it is not definitive - it is merely a tool for showing the ambition of the borough and its potential improvements.