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Frequently asked questions for businesses

Why is this regeneration work happening?
The borough of Havant has considerable untapped business potential - work will take place between now and 2036 to deliver 82,780 square metres of business floorspace. In addition, key areas of the borough will be targeted for bespoke regeneration, revitalising areas so they are relevant to future needs. Have a look at the projects listed in the Investors section - new details will be added to these pages as work progresses.

How will this benefit my business?
Regeneration is much more than just development - it is about investing in our communities and improving the borough as a whole. As a resident, this might be seen through revitalised public spaces - for businesses it might be through improved supply chains, relevant training and investment in the local workforce and the right mix of business space being available to suit a wide range of business requirements.

Who can help me find a site for my business?
In the first instance, contact the Economic Development team at Havant Borough Council on

You have a video showing how the borough will change - is this all decided?
The vision video presents a long-term vision. It highlights how some of the regeneration might develop by 2036, but it is not definitive - it is merely a tool for showing the ambition of the borough and its potential improvements.