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The Talent People

True vision can represent the basis for a successful business – and The Talent People (TTP) typify this approach. Identifying a bottle-neck in the recruitment process for young people, they have developed a thriving company with elegant product offers that not only serve young people, but a diverse range of organisations ranging from McDonalds to MI5.

“Havant is a great place to live – our coastal location is attractive and it’s a practical, affordable place for business”

With 30 staff, TPP is a Social Enterprise and developed from a recognised business need in 2014. TPP provides both relevant and targeted careers advice for young people, and addresses underrepresentation in the employment market for NEET (“Not in Education, Employment or Training”) audiences. It provides that valuable first job for young people regardless of their educational level.

With their first website – – TPP developed an extensive data resource, and meticulously applied it to support the career path of young people. Whether providing dedicated careers materials for educational providers to access, profiling advice to young people, AI careers diagnostics or targeted job opportunities that meets their specific profile, TPP provides a personalised journey for their target audience that can then efficiently provide relevant employment opportunities with improved retainment rates.

With highly localised content playing to regional nuances as well as personal background, TPP have created a desirable pipeline to opportunities and a strong, enduring dialogue with their audiences. With over two million emails sent a month (and with a sector-leading 60% open rate), TPP’s value is well recognised by a variety of businesses. With strong UK partnerships with organisations like the Prince’s Trust, NESTA, National Citizen Service and MovementToWork, TPP has succeeded in getting over 60,000 young people employed in the last two years, and has recently introduced a similar graduate offer.

TPP moved to Havant for a wide range of reasons. These include excellent connectivity to rail, road and air networks, easy access to multiple universities and affordable property prices in a great coastal location. In strong demand –by employers and employees alike – TPP look set to continue in their data-driven revolution behind sourcing the nation’s next workforce.

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