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Precision Products

When Brian Dent and Harry Booth started business as Precision Products in 2000, their choice of location was obvious. Havant provided the ideal mix of location, transport links and business potential.

Their business – providing bespoke airshafts, rollers and other ancillary items in reelfed equipment – has grown from strength to strength based on their high-quality output. Providing precision-made tools in steel, aluminium and carbon fibre, Precision Products is now home to a team of 25.

“Price and traffic was the main criteria...and Havant won.”

After only four successful years, Precision Products had outgrown its original property. After moving site – and then spreading across two separate units - the company is still proud to call Havant its home.

Their expertise is well regarded, ensuring a strong customer base with a range of clients throughout the UK. Supporting medical, print, packaging and paper industries (to name just a few), their products now have international reach in Europe, the United States and Australia.

The company is now successfully diversifying into bespoke industrial handling equipment, providing businesses with improved opportunities for safety and efficiency.

Proud of their quality products, Precision Products is also proud of its investment into the next generation of workforce. They are strong supporters of apprenticeships and see the tremendous benefit of developing an able local workforce into the precision engineers they require.

Through hard work – and recognising Havant as the optimum location for their business needs – Precision Products is at the top of its game.

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