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P & I Generators

Starting as a home-based business in 1999, P & I now employs 50 dedicated staff who provide an invaluable resource for defence, emergency service, business and personal use – uninterrupted power.

Recognising the inherent technical strength of the local workforce in Havant from the outset, Paul Benfield and Paul Terzza developed their business in the borough. Providing bespoke solutions in generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that are planned, installed and serviced to the highest standards, P & I have earned the respect – and business – from a wealth of sectors and private clients.

“Havant has the pick of everything – it is a good area to be in, and easy to get to”

Whether providing solutions for royal households, defence establishments, celebrities, hospitals or businesses, P & I have a highly-trained local team of designers, engineers, support staff and more to provide an exacting service.Running a 24-hour/365-day service, P & I pride themselves on a four-hour response time anywhere in the country. They use remote monitoring equipment to ensure flawless service from their critical power solutions, addressing any potential issues before they rise. The calibre of their expertise has led to work abroad in countries including Uganda, Nepal, Switzerland and France.

With support from the Solent LEP, P & I moved to a dazzling new headquarters in Havant in 2017, making best use of local businesses to develop a facility with considerable leeway for further expansion. Local investment does not stop there; the company also invest significantly in a multi-disciplinary apprentice workforce and support local start-up ventures by providing access to spare office space.

Taking great pride in their work and recognising the value of Havant as the successful home for their business, P & I have the will – and the power – to succeed

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