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iRed Remote Sensing

iRed saw the potential in establishing in the borough of Havant from the start. Established in Havant in 2002, they quickly grew from their first site and established themselves in The Old Flour Mill, Emsworth – a Grade II listed building.

At the cutting edge of remote sensing technology – and the interpretation of the data it provides – iRed use the latest technology to non-destructively inspect the physical and built landscape using specialist sensors which see far beyond the range of the human eye.

“Emsworth is a fantastic location for doing local, national and international business. It is easy to get to, and around, Emsworth, with all of its excellent transport networks.”

Such technology has a magnificent range of uses across a variety of industries. Whether assessing crop viability and directing the efficient use of nutrients in agriculture, assessing heat usage/wastage in the built environment or testing for faults on a solar energy facility, iRed delivers real-time, hard data that provides insight and cost-saving for their clients.

Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority for drone flight, iRed use some of the most advanced drones in the country to provide some of their services. Their use opens magnificent opportunities, such as measuring the built environment to the highest specification for 3D modelling using LIDAR – a measurement device using pulsed laser light.

It is not just the technology that drives iRed – they actively work with the next generation of experts, developing new techniques and practices for industry with partners including the University of Portsmouth. They are also certified to train others in the use of infrared thermography by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and the Awarding Body of the Built Environment.

Their company continues to grow and expand, drawing international interest for the visionary services they provide.

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